Question: How can your Hotel Management and Consultancy Services be of benefit to my Hotel?

Answer: Basically, the goal of our Management Consultancy Services is driven towards positioning your hotel to compete favorably by way of Standards, Professionalism, Quality Service Delivery and Revenue Generation within the duration of our contract and beyond. Our clients benefit from our complete line of Hospitality Services, not just in Hotel Administration alone but in Facility Management, Marketing Consultancy and Event Consultancy; this is what stands RAINBOW HOSPITALITY LTD out amongst others.

As you would agree with us, a well-constructed edifice for a hotel does not necessarily guarantee patronage, which is where other aspect of our expertise comes in to make the difference where others cannot; because they are limited to only Hotel Administration, which alone does not guarantee patronage. Our expertise in Facility Management ensures your Hotel property is maintained with the utmost efficiency and appreciates in value owing to our professional management of the property.

Question: What are the contents of your Facility Management Services?

Answer: The contents of our Facility Management Services are grouped into Activity 1, 2 & 3, this involves general supervision of Facility Repairs & Maintenance, General Cleaning Services and Facility Management & Administration which is carried out in accordance with manufactures recommendations and instructions as it relates to inspection, test and general maintenance services and repairs.

We carryout necessary repairs to maintain safe, reliable and smooth running condition of your facility by utilizing manufacture’s original replacement parts and adhering to manual procedures and instructions. In carrying out these services, we ensure minimum interruption to the functioning of service equipment during each inspection, testing, repairs or maintenance services.  

Time is of the essence in the execution of the Facility Management Projects and the immediate actions deployed shall be to provide routine maintenance and emergency call-out, as well as repair/replacement service, such that the downtime experienced by our clients shall be avoided or, where unavoidable, kept to a minimum in this regard.

Question: How can your Marketing and Sales Consultancy Services help my organization?

Answer: We can take care of all your needs; developing and managing the implementation of your Marketing Strategy; managing the marketing planning process and developing your Marketing Activity Plan; delivering direct Marketing Campaigns; managing your advertising PR; developing your corporate identity and branding. You can outsource all your marketing activity to us or we can simply help out in the areas where you need most assistance. As a specialist Marketing Consultant, we are able to flex the services we provide depending upon your needs.

Total Marketing Solution: is a specialist strategic Marketing Consultancy whose purpose is to help business owners and managers achieve their marketing and business objectives.

Question: How can your Event Consultancy Services be of help to me?

Answer: With years of combined experience as professional event consultants our areas of expertise cover Event Production Management, Communication, Creative Services, Logistics, Gala Events and everything in between, which includes Pre-event activities, Pre-event day deliverables and Post-event production, this makes us your one-stop-shop for all your event consultancy needs.

As with every new project, it starts with a brief. Listening and understanding our clients’ needs enables us to build a unique and effective consultancy plan that will work; not only allowing for objectives and goals to be achieved, but expectation to be surpassed.

Your assigned event management consultant will be readily available throughout the whole process, including event day, easily reachable by phone or a few keystrokes away via email. Our clients receive knowledge and support they can rely on from beginning to the end. We know our stuff and look forward to sharing our expertise with you, so get in TOUCH today and let us show you the way with our event consultancy services.