…Rainbow Hospitality Ltd: Progress in motion.

RAINBOW HOSPITALITY LIMITED in its concerted effort to improve, develop and position its brand, has made positive changes in its operational processes in view of reinventing itself to embracing the dynamics of the Hospitality Industry which mirrors the transformation currently being undertaken by its Board of Directors. Fine-tuning delivery of its four cardinal business focus with enhanced operation in Nigeria, Ghana and Dubai respectively following the epic unveiling of International Brand Five-Star RainbowEmirate Hotel-Abuja; to popular acclaim, famed as the first indigenous internationally recognized Five-Star Hotel out of Africa.

We celebrate all of you who work so hard to making this dream work, faith in God, and a unifying Team Spirit. As we consolidate on our successful operation, we say thank you for a progressive business relationship; we wish you God’s blessings and a more rewarding business relationship as we journey together.

To our clients and Partners, on behalf of our dynamic management team and my humble self, I say a big thank you to you for believing in us. I am very delighted on the satisfactory customer-feedback we get each week as well as the criticisms too, this serves as a constant reminder to us that you are the reason we are in business.

We know that each and every one of you holds the name of Rainbow Hospitality in the highest regard, we are proud and happy that together we all comprise an important and significant part of this success story, and of course our wonderful Team and Staff you are highly appreciated. You are there day-in and day-out bringing joy and delight to every person with whom you share the Rainbow Hospitality.


 Rainbow Hospitality Limited